We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Labbox!

Labbox was founded around a very simple idea: to offer laboratory equipment with quick delivery and provide the quality of customer service they would like to receive from their suppliers.

At the time of their creation, Labbox launched a first catalogue containing 200 references of laboratory glassware (beakers, vials, pipettes, test specimens, etc.). Today, their catalogue offers more than 4000 references of materials, consumables, equipment and laboratory chemicals. In addition to their own subsidiary in France, they have distributors in more than 50 countries.

Their main mission is to offer products and services for laboratories around the world. This company offers many products in the fields of cell culture, molecular biology, microbiology and pathology but also of materials, equipment and laboratory reagents such as glassware, measuring instruments…

We thank the Labbox company for offering us quality laboratory equipment and a total value of roughly €1,400. Thanks to this generous donation, we will be able to develop our project and deepen our experiments in the laboratory.

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