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The goal of this fund-raising

Taking part in the 2020 iGEM competition requires a proof of concept conducted in the laboratory. Which will demonstrate and confirm that our project is robust. For this, we need to buy lab equipment, as well as consumables. This estimated cost is 10 000€. This represents a milestone which is a critical step for the fulfilment of our project. It would be a great indicator of the its future success.

That is why we call upon you help sponsor our purpose!

With this aim in mind, we set 3 different support levels :

  • Level 1 : 5 000€ – Thank you, we are now able to pay for 50% of our lab consumables.
  • Level 2 : 10 000€ – Thank you for your generosity, we can now buy all the necessary lab equipment and consumables needed for the proof of concept.
  • Level 3 : 15 000€ – Thank you for your donations, we will be able to finance our participation to the Grand Final of the iGEM Competition !

If you wish to help us in taking part in this great adventure and contribute to the first step which is the competition’s registration fees, please don’t hesitate, any type of donation is very much appreciated!


We would like to thank everyone who took the time to read about our project. A big thank you to anyone in advance who will take part in this fund-raising campaign, no matter the size of your donation. Finally, we are very grateful to anyone who supported us and believed in our project.

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