Our Kind Donors

The IGEM IONIS Team would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your donations. The fundraising was a real success! As you may already know, we started this campaign in order to present our project at the iGEM competition. Your contribution allowed us to reach our first milestone, thus reducing the gap between us and our goal.

All the members of our team thank you for your generosity and your support. You are now part of our project and we hope to bring you far with us in this wonderful adventure!!!

William Ubelmann – Paul Lubrano – Lucas Boistard – Grégoire Soghomonian – Shanti Mabro – Matthieu Chaldebas – Eva Levi – Matthieu Da Costa – Antoine Scanu – Celia Chenebault – Isabelle Jenner – Emmanuel Hugon – Vanessa Proux – Luka Beygui – Chloé Bardin – Nathan Fonti – Jacques Eynard – Arlette Trinkler – Marie Hélène Charles – Sonia Criseo – Quentin Person – Olivia Penichou – Antoine Kobak – Paul Duteil – Nada Zehrouni – Robert Padrino – Rodril Voyer – Camille Lemonnier – Jean Louis Bosc – Antoine Lodiot – Farzin Beygui – Alexis Rezgui – Nadine Chamsi Pasha – Pamina Lantos – Clémence Raphaël – Maryse Sellier – Anne Podevin – Adrien TRAN – Matthis Di Giacomo – Fanny Margerie – Martin Le Digabel – Thibaud Hemon – Sara Kadiri