LIBIOS, leader in diagnostic kits, supports our Cinergy project

LIBIOS is a French company specialized in the development, production and commercialization of diagnostics kits and reagents in various domains. Quality, biotechnology, bio-analysis, environment, food safety and nutrition are the main targets of these kits.

Their expertise in the field of diagnosis enables them to offer quality products and services and to provide support in innovative projects. Their high-performance, fast kits and reagents can be used on site or in laboratories, ensuring reliability of the results.

We would like to thank the company LIBIOS who believes in the potential of our Cinergy project and who kindly offered us 2 enzyme dosing kits, one for acetate (ref: ACETRM) and the other for lactate (ref: K-DATE) detection. Thanks to these kits, we will be able to further develop our project.

In the context of our project, Cigarette butts are made of cellulose acetate, which are carbohydrates that can serve as substrate for bacteria. To do this, the cigarette butts will first be crushed in order to separate the cellulose acetate fibers from each other. These fibers will then be degraded by Escherichia Coli bacteria via different enzymes in order to produce two carbohydrates: Glucose and acetate. E. coli would metabolize the two carbohydrates to produce lactate.

The use of these two ACETRM and K-DATE kits (cf. photo) will allow us to verify the production of acetate and lactate after these reactions. Lactate would then be excreted by the bacteria and Shewanella oneidensis, an electrogenic bacteria strain, will metabolize the molecule and produce electrons, then transmitted to the MFC electrode in order to produce electricity.

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