The AIESME is supporting BacTail!

We are happy to announce the publication of an article about the iGEM IONIS 2020 team and the BacTail project. We would especially like to thank Mr Yves Verdet and Mr Thierry Rabaud for drafting it.

The organisation which will be soon celebrating its 100 years. It is composed of more than 15 000 engineers from around the world, working in at least 250 sectors. The organisation of ESME Sudria Engineers drives a community of students and engineers from ESME Sudria. It counts 150 French and International volunteers no matter if they are recently graduated young workers or retired people having an exemplary professional experience. For many years, these volunteers are in charge of organising different events, commissions and groups in order to constitute a strong and supportive network which is necessary for any type of career.

You can find a link to their article below!

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