We Love Green

The first and second of June our team was at the We Love Green music festival in the “Bois de Vincennes” near Paris. This festival with many ecological actions was the chance for us to speak about our project to a large number of engaged people.

Our participation allows us first to raise awareness among the participants about cigarette butts’ pollution through different actions but also to present our solution to this problem with our project Cinergy.

During the festival we have distributed several thousands of portable ashtrays to participants to limit the number of cigarette butts thrown on the ground. Unfortunately, even then, we have found a lot of them on the grass just a few yards from ashtrays..

Finally, we have collected almost 15 000 cigarette butts during  the hole festival. The french company Mégo! retrieve half of them and we took the other half for our lab experiments. 

We also met companies and associations in the field of sustainable development. We were able to discuss for example with the newspaper “France Nature Environnement” and learned about our ecosystems.

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